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Publishing in Spain is a very important step for any author. Spain is one of the countries with the most works published every year, both in Spain and in Latin America. There are many English and American authors who have triumphed after publishing in Spain. But what are the requirements to publish a book in Spain?

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Books from spain to others countries

The most important thing is to find the right publisher. A publisher that is not limited to publishing in Spanish territory but with access to interesting markets as Latin America. In this way, the works to be published will have greater visibility and, therefore, greater possibilities of success.

Naturally, it´s important to have a good work capable of attracting the attention of potential readers who await it in the European and Latin American continent. Publishing a crime novel in Spain is better than publishing a book of poems. At present, the historical novel, the adventures and action novel, the science fiction and fantasy novel have a better reception than a book of poems, for example. For this reason, choosing the right genre is decisive when you decide to publish.

Publish a poetry book. Publish a book in spain with Editorial Adarve

Publish a poetry book

Adarve Publisher knows very well Spain and Latin America´s publishing market. This publishing house admits manuscripts of authors who still do not enjoy notoriety and who are looking for a place in the publishing market after publishing their book.

But is it necessary to publish in Spanish to get recognition in the Spanish market? Every day there are more Spaniards who speak English. Currently, almost a third of the Spanish population speaks the language of Shakespeare, especially those who have the habit of reading.

In summary:

  • The novel is the best literary genre to publish in Spain.
  • To publish in Spain it is not necessary to publish in Spanish, being able to publish in English for Spain and Latin America.
  • It is important to have a Publishing House with important penetration in the markets of Spain and Latin America.
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Much people in Spain reads books in english language

Welcome to Adarve Publisher, one of the most active publishers in Spain, able to publish works in English in a market as interesting as Spain and Latin America and to inform new authors with good works. Count on us if you want to publish in Spain and you will get editions of very high quality at the height of the most demanding readers.

Much northamerican and english writters wants to publish in Spain, the most interesting and competitive market of literature. The spaniard market is open to recive all kind of literature.

Welcome to the spainard publisher market, that counts with 400 millions of people, much of them reads english literature. From Europe to America, passing by Africa and Asia, much readers awaits new publish about United States, England, Australia and other countrys in english speaking. Different and interesting cultures that Spain readers always preffers.

Much english speak writters know the market of Spain and sell their books around the world. We will help you.

The first thing you need to do to publish your work in Spain is send us your manuscript. Please, fill out this form and send us your work and synopsis in Word or PDF formats. We promise always answer you in a few time.



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